Dentures Designed and Installed in Paddington, Brisbane

People need dentures for many reasons both cosmetic and functional. They are prosthetic devices custom built to replace missing teeth.

Eating difficulties can be debilitating and can lead to serious digestive problems.

Your winning smile is vital to your confidence, self esteem and overall well-being. Healthy looking teeth create a positive impression on the people you interact with, and improve your overall health and wellbeing too. That’s because, at Advanced Dental Clinic, we subscribe to a holistic method of thinking when it comes to oral health. Fix one issue in the mouth, and a whole range of other problems will likely fall into line too. Everything to do with your oral health is in an interconnected system, and installing custom-made dentures means your whole body may improve too.

The difference when it comes out our dentures clinic

At Advanced Dental Clinic we make the superior looking dentures with many different designs from the conventional removable dentures to some which rely on bonding or clasping onto the teeth (dental implants). We also offer partial and complete dentures (single arch).

We also have a range of different material options – from the hard acrylic and more traditional material to the new and more flexible, better, softer material called valplast.

We will ascertain which denture design is best suited to you, avail you of a oral hygiene and proper use information and make sure to provide you with dentures that move towards the restoration of your appearance and self confidence.

Our dentists are all highly trained to offer you the best solutions for your unique condition. Whether you’re looking to improve a specific issue in your dental and oral health, or you just want to live a little bit easier, we can set the roadmap to help you get there.


Book an appointment and get ready to smile brighter

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