Elite Dentist has now the latest ORTHOPHOS XG 3D Digital Dental XRay imaging system from Sirona.

This is state of the art digital dental xray system, one of the best x-ray units in the world. In our practice is integrated with the CEREC system.

How severe is the bone atrophy really? Why does the tooth still not move? There are numerous questions that can be answered far more easily using 3D x-rays. Our 3D equipment helps us to gain the necessary confidence for diagnosis and, further, for treatment, without the need to be further referred for additional costly investigations.

Best image quality at the lowest dose and a perfect workflow – that is what our 3D x-ray unit stands for. This means greater certainty when making difficult diagnoses, new options in implantology and orthodontics, working more efficiently in less time

Patients have a better understanding of the diagnosis and understand the reasons of a particular treatment recommendation.

Dental XRay

When does 3D provide more certainty?

  1. Implantology – recognizing risk cases and limitations before performing a surgical procedure, performing implants with minimal invasion, assessing the prosthetic and surgical conditions at the same time
  2. Endodontics – recognizing the finest structures when detecting root fractures and traumas to the dentoalveolar complex, depicting internal and external root resorption, preoperative diagnostics in the case of periapical osseous lesions, preoperative endodontics planning (e.g., before apicoectomy)
  3. Oral and maxillofacial surgery – displaced teeth, fracture diagnostics, sinus diagnostics, cysts, retained roots, orthognathic surgical procedures
  4. Orthodontics – displaced, impacted teeth, cephalometric analysis, root resorptions, cleft lips, jaws and palates
  5. General dentistry – contradictory findings, as well as those that are difficult or impossible to view in the OPG, apical lucency,periodontal conditions, patient consultation, implantology and minor oral surgical procedures
  6. X-ray and CAD/CAM combined: With the unique process of integrated implantology, only three sessions are usually needed for the perfect implant.

Due to the unique procedure of the Integrated Implantology with CEREC, we can reduce the number of sessions necessary until the implanting process is completed, thus ensuring decisive advantages.

Thanks to the combination of CEREC with ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, the entire process, starting with the planning and ending with the manufacture of highly precise abutments and crowns, is completed within our practice.

This way, we are able to exert complete control over the process, achieving highly precise and aesthetic results while saving time and money. Our patients value this comfort and our professionalism.

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