Crooked teeth can be the bane of any pretty smile.

Whether you have a mouthful of crooked teeth or just a couple that are out of line, it can feel embarrassing to smile or to show off your mouth for fear of exposing these imperfections.

Many people believe that the only way to straighten crooked teeth is with traditional braces, which can take a long time to correct problems and be embarrassing for adults while they have become cool for many kids.

Fortunately, there are other options available that you can consider to straighten crooked teeth.

Traditional braces can take several years to straighten crooked teeth. The theory behind traditional braces or orthodontia is that with repeated “tightening” of the braces over time, teeth can gradually be guided into place.

Paddington Dentist Crooked Teeth

Most traditional braces are made of metal, although there are now both plastic and porcelain options as well that can help to better blend the braces and make them not as noticeable in your mouth.

For mouths that only have a few crooked teeth or will be easier to bring back into line, an option to consider is Invisalign. Invisalign consists of using a series of clear retainer-type devices to correct minor alignment issues.

It can be more expensive than traditional braces but also is harder to see and thus may be less embarrassing.

If you wish to achieve perfectly aligned teeth in a shorter amount of time, accelerated orthodontics may be the best option to consider.

Accelerated orthodontics consists of a combination of dental surgery techniques and orthodontic reinforcement and can take a quarter of the time that traditional braces would take to correct your mouth.

For minor imperfections or when you only have a few teeth that are seated crookedly and cannot be fixed by braces, there are several procedures that you can consider.

First, think about porcelain veneers. This is what is referred to as capping teeth. Your tooth will be shaved to create a flat or shallow surface, removing the imperfection. Then, it will be overlaid with porcelain to create a uniform appearance in your mouth.

Second, you can consider contouring and reshaping techniques. These also involve shaving down your teeth, but are done in only minor occurrences and are not capped with porcelain.

Instead, any non-conforming portions of your tooth are removed and can then be covered with a bonding agent, or, at times, simply left bare.

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