Tooth coloured restorations are a cosmetic procedure which restores a natural look to your teeth by using sealants and resin composite bonding that can restore chips, stains or any cracks in your teeth.

White composite resin (White Filling) uses a tooth-coloured plastic and glass mixture to restore cavities in your smile, so your fillings are barely noticeable.

Replacing outdated amalgam fillings with a white composite filling can actually brighten your smile.

The composite is placed by using a specialized light which hardens each layer. It is then shaped to fit the tooth and finally polished to prevent staining and early wear.

The advantages of composites are the ability to blend shades which are nearly identical to your natural tooth colour and to help support tooth structure, prevent breakage and insulate the teeth from temperature variations.

Tooth Coloured Restorations

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Composites are also much safer than the old mercury fillings. They bond to the tooth structures and don’t leak any chemicals into the body.

They also, unlike mercury fillings bypass the galvanic currents and don’t cause disruption to the bodies natural electro magnetic field.

The disadvantages are possible postoperative sensitivity and slight shade change to the colour of the composite if the patient drinks tea, coffee or other staining foods. To remedy this the dentist can put a clear plastic coating over the composite to prevent colour change.

Composites tend to wear out sooner than silver fillings in larger cavities, although they hold up as well in small cavities.

Composite fillings shrink upon setting so they are very technique sensitive. However at Advanced Dental Clinic we put smaller mounts and bond the composite to the tooth.

This means:

  • This material has no almost no shrinkage – 1-2% – composite material
  • No Stress and cracks on the tooth
  • No expanding or contracting, unlike metal fillings
  • Porcelain expands and contracts at the same rate as natural tooth enamel – no shrinkage.

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